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The First Nano CVD furnace is dedicated to carbon nanotube synthesis and can accommodate multiple pieces or a 4" wafer. Methane, hydrogen and ethanol are available as process gases and thus provide versatility for both SWCNT growth as well as vertical forest growth. Process recipes for horizontally aligned SWCNT growth on ST-cut quartz (available from the SNF stockroom) have been optimized and are available to the user, with typical yields of 1-5 SWCNTs per micron depending on the catalyst used.

FirstNano CNT Growth Furnace Recipe Development at SNF

In February 2015, a FirstNano “EasyTube 3000” Carbon Nanotube (CNT) growth furnace was installed in the SNF cleanroom featuring a high level of automation and process control built into an easy-to-use software environment. The purpose of the tool is to grow horizontally aligned or unaligned single-walled carbon nanotubes, and is capable of vertical forest CNT growth if future users desire it. This report summarizes the efforts to create a turn-key solution for carbon nanotube growth in the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF). We 1) define a wafer-scale sample preparation process using tools entirely sourced from the Stanford shared facilities, 2) demonstrate the consistency and turn-key capability of the furnace by growing CNTs successfully every single time for more than two dozen growth repetitions, and 3) explore the catalyst deposition, catalyst pretreatment and growth condition parameters that will lead to higher average densities for our wafer-scale growths.

FirstNano CNT Growth Furnace Recipe Development at SNF - Read More…

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