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PlasmaTherm Versaline HDPCVD
The PlasmaTherm Versaline HDPCVD system is a high density plasma deposition system for silicon nitride and oxide films. Deposition temperatures can be as low as 100 C. This new system is installed and qualified. Operating procedures are being established and initial training of users has begun.
PlasmaTherm CCP-Dep
The PlasmaTherm Shuttlelock SLR-730-PECVD system is used for the deposition of silicon nitrides, oxides, and carbides on a variety of substrates. It was recently installed and is now qualified for use. Operating and training procedures are currently being established for this system.
The STS is a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition system which is used for low temperature (350°C) deposition of oxide, nitride, and oxynitride.

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