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This folder contains studies and characterization reports from EE412, special projects or interested labmembers
EE412 Reports
Within you will find links to EE412 reports relevant to this tool.
CCP PECVD Start Up Process Results
Annotated results of the parameter matrix used during the start up procedure of the four materials offered on the tool; SiN, SiO2, a-Si and SiC.
Pinhole Testing
Descriptions of how the tests were run and the results
SiN 350-1 Film Characteristics and Qual results
Values of deposition rate, film thickness, refractive index, and uniformity for SiN recipes at 350C.
Summary of SiO2 Quick Check
Quick checks are run to look at the functionality of the tool in a timely manner. Data taken are; Average thickness (for SiO2 2 min dep), Standard Dev., Refractive Index, % uniformity and Deposition Rate. Reasons for the quick check are given in the comments.
Film Stress for SiOx and SiNx Films
Stress due to film measured with StressTest equipment (lithography area).

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