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Quick Start Instructions for CCP-DEP, Chamber Process Mode

Quick start instructions are distilled operating instructions that go over tasks for operation of the tool. They are not substitutes for fully described operating instructions. Users of the ccp-dep tool are expected to have read and absorbed the operating instructions before using the system.



Quick start for CCP-DEP PECVD tool- Chamber Mode Version



·         Enable ccp-dep on BADGER.

·         Verify standby temp and Vent the LoadLock

·         Select and Verify the recipe.

·         Load wafers.

·          Run the recipe.

·         Unload wafers.

·         Start a clean with appropriate temp. No Dummy Wafers!

·         Disable system on CORAL.


Verify Temp & Vent the Loadlock:

     Initial Condition  On and Standby Buttons are lit, the LL is pumped down.  The transfer plate should be in the chamber and a Clean Recipe loaded.

1.        In Utilities/Set Standby Temp verify that the temp is correct.  Change if it isn’t.

2.        Verify the tool temp by opening the front panel and checking the set point and actual temps.

3.        Go to Utilities/Loadlock and choose Vent.

4.        In Windows/Overview the LL will show red and will display Atmosphere when vented.


Select and Verify Recipe

5.        Process/Chamber/Open will bring up the window with all the recipes.  Double click on a recipe step to look at it.

6.        Process/Chamber/Load will load the recipe.

7.        Verify the recipe has load correctly by looking at  status box on the bottom of the screen




Load the Wafers:

8.        Open the LL and place wafers into transfer plate. 

9.        If running less than four wafers fill slots with dummy wafers.

10.     Close LL and Go to Utilities/Loadlock and Pump.

11.     Once pumped down go to Service/Maint and choose Wafer Handling.

12.     From the wafer handling page choose Load.  Once loaded, Exit.


Run the Recipe:

13.     Click the Ready button.

14.     Click the Run button

15.     You will see a window that contains the default dep time.  Change it if desired.

16.     Monitor the progress of the recipe as it goes though the various steps.






Unload Wafers

17.     Once the recipe is complete you will see a window indicating it is done.  Click on it.

18.     Click the Standby button.

19.     Go back to to Service/Maint and choose Wafer Handling.  Click on Unload.

20.     When unloaded, Exit.  From Ulities/Loadlock/Vent.


Start a Clean and Disable


21.     Remove your wafers and pumpdown the load lock with NO DUMMY WAFERS LOADED. Load the empty transfer plate from Service/Maint/Wafer handling. 

22.     Pumpdown the LL by going to Utilities/Loadlock and choosing Pump.






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