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PlasmaTherm Versaline HDPCVD

The PlasmaTherm Versaline HDPCVD system is a high density plasma deposition system for silicon nitride and oxide films. Deposition temperatures can be as low as 100 C. This new system is installed and qualified. Operating procedures are being established and initial training of users has begun.
HD CVD Information and Operating Instructions
High Density Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (HD PECVD) is an alternative to the conventional methods of the deposition silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and amorphous silicon using PECVD. The advantage of HD PECVD over PECVD is the ability to produce higher quality films at lower temperatures, less than 150C.
HDPECVD Recipe Template
This template can be used to create and archive recipes.
Process Step for Plasma-Therm High Density PECVD System
Process steps are added together to create process sequences for Versaline tools. This process step is the default step specific for the HD PECVD tool. It lists all the parameters and their limits to be used in recipe writing.
This folder contains copies of recipes used on the HDPCVD system. This gives us a record of the original recipe parameters.
Qual Results
Quals are run on a regular basis, when major maintenance/repairs are performed or to check a labmember reported problem. Included in the folder are 1) Qual Procedure 2) recent SiO Results and 3) recent SiNx results. Deposition rate, refractive index, within-a-wafer uniformity, film stress and HF etch rates are given.

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