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Qual Results

Quals are run on a regular basis, when major maintenance/repairs are performed or to check a labmember reported problem. Included in the folder are 1) Qual Procedure 2) recent SiO Results and 3) recent SiNx results. Deposition rate, refractive index, within-a-wafer uniformity, film stress and HF etch rates are given.
Qual Procedure
The procedure for running the qual on the HD PECVD system is outlined. Interested labmembers are encouraged to run a qual. Lab Staff will run quals at a regular intervals or as problems with the tool are reported.
SiO Qual results- HD PECVD
Qual results for SiO thin films are posted here and noted in the lab management software for the tool.
SiNx Qual results- HD PECVD
Recent quals results for SiNx thin films are posted here and on the lab management software system.

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