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Quick Start for P5000etch

Quick starts are handy references of the Operating Instructions. They can be helpful for reminding the user on how to use the tool. Labmembers should have read and understood the full Operating Instructions.


Quick Start Instructions for P5000etch



·         Enable p5000etch on BADGER.  Check for any problems or comments.

·         Log on the etcher as USER,  passwd is USER

·         Choose wafer movement sequence and load recipe.

·         Select and Verify the recipe.  Change process time and endpoint option if necessary.

·         Set up endpoint detection if desired.

·         Load and Process wafers.

·         Unload wafers and put the etcher into Stand-by


Chose wafer movement and Load recipe:

     The load lock should be vented.


2.        Select the correct Serial Sequence.  If it is in the green state RELEASE the cassette.

3.        Select the desired Program for the correct chamber- A, B or C.



Select and Verify Recipe


5.        Select the desired Program.

6.        Verify the Program is correct by checking it against the form in the book.

7.        Make changes to etch times, by time-vs-endpoint and/or external endpoint.


Set up Endpoint Detector:

8.        Turn on the monitor using the switch on the bottom side.

9.        To get to the file where the algorithms are stored reboot using control-alt-delete.  After Stepper Motor C has calibrated push Escape to get to the blue screen.  

10.     Type in the desired alg and push Enter.

11.     Load the alg by pushing F6

12.     Edit the alg by pushing F2.  Check the alg against the form in the book.  Make any changes.

13.     To process push F2. You will go to a black screen.  If changes have been made you will be asked if you want to reload from the file- No!  Do you want to go with modified alg- Yes!

14.     You are set once you see “Waiting for RF”




Load and Process Wafers

15.     Remove the cassette and load the wafers starting with position #1- the closest to the H-bar.  Make sure the flats are perfectly up.

16.      Replace the cassette.

17.     Make sure the system state is Automatic in SYSTEM>CONTROL SYSTEM.


19.     Push the RUN button near the door.

20.     Remove phantom wafers by selecting the first empty slot of the cassette on the screen.  Click on START DELETE RANGE.  Select the 25th wafer and click FINSIH DELETE RANGE.

21.     Go to CHAMBER (A,B or C)>MONITOR PROCESS and monitor the etch.  Use CHAMBER COMMANDS if necessary.


Unload Wafers

22.     Once the etch has completed the machine will replace the wafers back into the cassette in the order they were loaded.

23.     The UNLOAD button near the door will flash.  Push it and retrieve the wafers.




Go to Standby and Disable

24.     Standby is simple housekeeping.  Go to SYSTEM>CONTROL SYSTEM and blank out Sequence Selection, Chamber Program A, B or C.  Turn off EP monitor.

25.     Make sure the Log Sheet is filled out.

26.     Disable P5000etch in BADGER.



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