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Drytek2 Quick Start Instructions

Quick Start Instructions allow user to have a handy condensed version of the Operating Instructions. The user, however, is responsible for having read and understood the full version of the machine operating instructions.

Drytek2 Quick Start





·         Enable Drytek2 on BADGER.

·         Vent the system.

·         Select and Verify the recipe.

·         Run a Set-Up (dummy) etch.

·         Load and Process wafers.

·         Unload wafers.

·         Place system on Stand-By.

·         Disable system on BADGER.



     Initial Condition:   Standby button is lit


1.        Press STANDBY to turn it off.

2.        System is vented when you can open the chamber door.




Select and Verify Recipe

3.        Turn on RF power supply.

4.        Turn on desired gases at the back of the tool.

5.        Push the white PROCESS SELECT for the desired recipe.

6.        Verify the correct gases have been set to ‘on’ by checking the DIP switches. 


Run a Set-up Etch:

7.        Put sufficient time on the thumbwheel switch- at least 10 mins. 

8.        Push MICRO RESET, then  CYCLE START to start the recipe.  

9.        When recipe has started verify that gas flow, pressure, RF power and tuning is correct.

10.     Push CLEAR WAFER to stop the recipe.  Push it again to clear CLEAR WAFER.



Load and Process Wafers

11.     Once chamber has vented place wafers on the electrode (s).  Be sure they are corralled within the quartz ring.

12.     Close and lock the door with the swivel knob.

13.     Put etch time on the thumbwheel switch.

14.      Push MICRO RESET, then  CYCLE START to start the recipe. 

15.     Monitor parameters during the etch.


Unload Wafers

16.     Once the chamber has vented carefully remove the wafers.

17.     Either load more wafers or put the tool into stand-by.



Go to Standby and Disable

18.     Turn off gases in the back of the tool

19.     Turn off RF power supply

20.     Turn off the white PROCESS SELECT button.

21.     Press STANDBY

22.     Press MICRO RESET.

23.     Press CYCLE START.

24.     Disable Drytek2 in badger and fill out data on the logsheet.




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