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Labmembers Survey of Methods for Attaching Samples to Carrier Wafers

Labmember Ashish Pal asked the labmembers mail list for adhesive suggestions. Here are the results in summary.

Suggestions from the Labmember Community on How to Attach Samples to Carrier Wafers



I got quite a few replies from lab members so I thought to summarize those if somebody 
wants to use similar things later. 

1) Some of you suggested kapton (polymide) tape. The temperature range of these tapes 
are upto 260C. However I have some bad experience with the ones inside SNF. When I use 
those inside Innotec and if the temperature goes above 90C, these tapes give out a black 
residue. However, you can clean that with organic solvents like acetone.

2) Another way to attach samples to a carrier wafer is PDMS. The thermal stability boundary
of PDMS is around 300C. 

3) PMMA can be used in the same way. SNF has a wiki page on the procedure how to attach 
your sample to carrier wafer using PMMA, specially for plasma etching.

4) Ted pella sells ceramic (non-conductive) adhesive and nickel and silver based adhesive 
(conductive). These are pretty good and can go upto at least 500C. However after high 
temperature step, these might be hard to take off.

5) Somebody also suggested spin-on-glass (SOG) as an option.

Thanks all for your help and response.

Best Regards

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From: "Ashish Pal" <>
To: "labmembers" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 3:05:39 PM
Subject: Adhesive/tape compatible to 250-300 degree C temperature


I need to do some heated implant at 250C-300C and my samples are pieces. So I need to mount
them on a 4-inch wafer. Can anybody suggest what kind of tapes/adhesive I should use that 
will withstand this temperature ? 

Thanks for your time and advice.

Best Regards

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