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Using CrystalBond

This page describes the procedure for attaching smaller samples to larger of full wafer size carrier wafers.

 Pros and Cons

 Crystalbond wash-away adhesive is used to temporarily bond wafers or pieces of wafers to a carrier wafer for etching. Materials are attached while the Crystalbond is heated and detaching is achieved by heating the samples. Samples may then be soaked or sprayed with acetone to remove any residual Crystalbond. It has good thermal properties making it a good bonding material for etchers with back side gas cooling. Please Note; Crystalbond may only be used with full wafers. It should not be exposed to the plasma.






Procedure for Using CrystalBond

 The full instructions for using CrystalBond may be found here.


Hints and Tips for Using CrystalBond


CrystalBond may not be exposed to the plasma during etching.  It will change the etch conditions.  If you are attaching pieces to a carrier wafer remove all the CrystalBond from the wafer surface.  Be sure none is on the backside of the wafer.

For systems using mechanical clamps absolutely no CrystalBond should be in contact with the clamp.  Your sample will stick to the clamp and will need to be retrieved from the chamber.


From Jim McVittie;

There are a couple things to be careful about when using the Acetone/CB jar.

1. Wipe the lip of the jar clean every time before you put the cap back on. If you do not, it is likely 
you will not be able to get the cap off the next time you try.

2. Do not leave the jar open with the cap off for long. Acetone has a high evaporation rate.

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