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Matrix Quick Start Instructions

Quick start instructions are a distillation of the longer more verbose Operating Instructions. Be aware that the user of the asher should have read and understood the Operating Instructions.



Matrix Quick Start


OverView: MATRIX

·         Enable matrix.

·         Check Stand-by conditions and Start-up system.

·         Load recipe.

·         Edit/Change etch time on recipe.

·         Check process by running a test .

·         Run your wafers.

·         Place system on Stand-By.

·         Disable system.


Check Stand-by and Start-up System:

     Initial Condition: STANDBY MODE menu is on the screen, RESET and SYSTEM lights are on and temp is 180-190C.

  1. Press STANDBY EXIT.  PRESSURIZING CHAMBER message should show on screen.
  2. System is vented when you see MAIN MENU appear on screen.



Load Recipe:

  1. Press LOAD button..
  2. Using recipe ‘credit card’ load side one of the card when prompted.  You should get STEP #1 VALID message.
  3. Load side two and wait for STEP #2 VALID response.
  4. Return to MAIN MENU. 


Edit/Change Time of the Recipe:

  1. Press EDIT button. 
  2. Use to UP and DOWN buttons to select desired parameter..  
  3. Use V- and V+ to change the value of the parameter..
  4. The maximum time is 4 mins 59 secs.. 
  5. Go back to MAIN MENU.



Check Process:

  1. Select RUN from the MAIN MENU. Run options will appear.
  2. Load one wafer into the cassette.
  3. HOME the cassette. Press the SINGLE wafer option.  Process progress will be displayed.
  4. When wafer has completed press ABORT.
  5. Use EXIT to return to the MAIN MENU.


Unload Wafers

  1. Remove wafer and load wafers into cassette.
  2. Select RUN from the MAIN MENU. Run options will appear.
  3. HOME the cassette. Press the SINGLE or AUTO option.  Process progress will be displayed.
  4. When all the wafers have been processed press ABORT.  Remove cassette from loader plate.
  5. Press EXIT to go back to MAIN MENU.



Go to Stand by and Disable


  1. Replace cassette onto loader plate.
  2. Select STANDBY
  3. Disable matrix.



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