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Temporary Quick Start for Matrix

The matrix has recently undergone a major software upgrade. This quick start is offered as a stop-gap so that labmembers can use the tool as more detailed operating instructions are written.

Temporary Quick Start for Matrix Asher


This quick start is to be used until a more detailed one is written.


1.     Use Exit to get to the Allwin screen.

2.     From the Main Menu chose Process for Production.

3.     Select a recipe from the Recipe File- Strip.rcp.

4.     Select a directory file from the list of Directory Files.  For now we are using 03112015.

5.     Select a Lot ID from the list.  For now we are using Nancy1.  This is where the data from the run will be stored.

6.     Place the cassette on the machine.

7.     Pushing the Auto Start Menu button.

8.     Fill out the From Slot and Lot Size.  This tells the tool which wafers to process. Wafer Num and Unload can be ignored.

9.     Push Auto Run and a pop up will ask you to verify the lot size and start wafer slot.  Following verification the matrix will run a Warm Up process without loading a wafer. This conditions the chamber and lets you monitor the recipe parameters on the graph screen

10.  The wafers will be processed and an alarm will sound when the cassette has been completed.

11.  Remove your wafers and disable the tool.


A couple of notes on the Strip recipe;

·       There is a warm up step that will run without a wafer at the beginning of each cassette load.

·       The recipe is a direct copy of the recipe used in the Matrix before the software upgrade; 3.75T, 450W, 40% O2, 185C, Pins down.

·       The default ash time is 120 seconds.

·       Ash rate is about 6020A/min of 3612 resist.

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