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MRC Model 55 RIE, mrc (contaminated)

MRC Model 55 RIE, mrc

The MRC is a general purpose, plasma reactive ion etching system, used to etch a variety of materials, including oxides, nitrides, silicons, and some organic films. This system accommodates the most etch processing needs for non-CMOS compatible materials. It is a manual system which can accommodate wafer pieces and wafers up to 6".

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Quick Start for MRC

Quick starts are a condensed version of the more detailed and verbose Operating Instructions. The user of the tool is responsible for having read and understood the Operating Instructions.

Quick Start for MRC - Read More…

Selected Recipes

The following is a list of recipes used in the etcher by various labmembers. They are offered as a starting point for interested users. Users of the MRC are cautioned to establish etch rates for their specific samples, materials and patterns.

Selected Recipes - Read More…

Qual results

This folder contains results of qualification tests using various recipes.

Qual results - Read More…

Using the Pirani Gauge on the MRC

We have a pirani gauge that can be connected to the mrc to give more precise chamber pressure readings.

Using the Pirani Gauge on the MRC - Read More…

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