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Quick Start for MRC

Quick starts are a condensed version of the more detailed and verbose Operating Instructions. The user of the tool is responsible for having read and understood the Operating Instructions.


MRC Quick Start Instructions


·         Enable mrc on BADGER.

·         Check Stand-by conditions.

·         Vent the chamber.

·         Pump down the chamber.

·         Run a set-up (dummy) etch.

·         When etch is complete.

·         Place the system in Stand-by mode.

·         Disable system on CORAL.

Check Stand-by Conditions:

     Initial Condition:   The chamber should be under vacuum.

  1. Power, Mechanical Pump and Hi Vac red buttons should be on.
  2. Manometer Isolation valve is closed
  3. Rough Valve should be closed (red) and Foreline Valve should be open (green).
  4. Gas Inlet toggle should be closed.
  5. Gate Valve is closed.



Vent the chamber:

  1. Open the Vent valve.
  2. Check the desired gases are in the open position at the back of the etcher.  If not you will need to switch the valve to the Closed position and drain the gas before opening the correct gas.
  3. Chamber is vented when there is a gap under the lid. 


Pump Down the Chamber:

  1. Close Vent valve. 
  2. Toggle Foreline Valve to the off position (red).  Wait 15 secs (important!)
  3. Toggle Roughing Valve to open and wait until the roughing gauge shows less than 100mT.
  4. Toggle Roughing Valve to off and wait 15 secs. (important!).  Open Foreline valve.
  5. Open Manometer Isolation valve.
  6. Slowly open Gate Valve (important!)  Wait 2 mins to reach base pressure.



Run a Set-up Etch:

  1. Open Gas Inlet Toggle switch.
  2. Turn on the desired gases by switching from Off to Auto on the mass flow controllers located in the front panel. Adjust gas flow.
  3. Adjust chamber pressure by closing the gate valve slowly.
  4. Turn on RF power by using the AC line switch and adjust to correct power
  5. Move the Meter Select switch to Reverse.  Tune RF using Input Tune and Load Tune. 
  6. Time the etch manually.


When Etch is Complete

  1. Turn RF power to 0 and switch the AC line toggle off.
  2. Turn gas flows to 0 and wait for flow to reach 0.  Switch from Auto to Off.
  3. Turn Gas Inlet off.
  4. Close the gate valve.
  5. Close the manometer Isolation Valve.
  6. Vent the chamber- see Section 2.
  7. To etch more samples go through the steps in Sections 3 and 4.



Go to Stand-by and Disable


  1. When last etch is complete Vent the chamber and removes samples. 
  2. Put the tool in stand-by by performing Steps 10-13 in Section 3.
  3. Do not open the manometer Isolation Valve.
  4. Do not open the Gate Valve.
  5. Etcher’s state should match Stan-by conditions in Section 1.
  6. Disable mrc in BADGER.



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