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6" Conversion Protocol

All three PlasmaTherm etchers (PT-MTL, PT-OX and PT-DSE) have conversion kits for processing 6" wafers. The guidelines for requesting 6" conversion for the PlasmaTherm etchers are given in this section.

1.        Send email request to Elmer and copy Usha.

2.       Coordinate with Elmer and reserve the equipment time. 

3.       The reservation should not only include your processing time, but also the time required to convert back and forth and the time required for chamber cooling before opening for kit change, Elmer’s availability etc.

4.       Notify the other users “pt-mtl or pt-dse or” about the upcoming conversion so that they can plan the work around the conversion.

5.       Give sufficient notice (at least a few days) to other labmembers so that they can plan their work.

6.       During the time the equipment is in the 6” configuration, the equipment status should be yellow (or problem) and the problem comment should state that the machine is in 6” configuration.

7.       Make sure that a notification is posted by the tool to indicate the installation of 6” kit.

8.       Once you are done with your processing, please run the default chamber clean recipe followed by O2_Clean recipe and bring the tool to “standby temperature” to enable chamber cooling for conversion back to 4”.

9.       Make a comment in Badger stating that 6” work is completed, the clean processes are run, standby temp is triggered and tool is ready for kit change.

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