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PlasmaTherm Metal Etcher (pt-mtl)

The Versaline LL-ICP Metal Etcher was acquired in late 2011 for precision metal etching on a flexible range of substrate types. It complements P5000 Metal Etcher as it can handle more materials and belongs to the "Contaminated" group of equipment. PT-MTL can be configured to etch either 4" or 6" wafers and the default configuration is 4".

Process Step for Plasma-Therm Metal Etch System (pt-mtl)

Process steps are added together to create process sequences for Versaline tools. This process step is the default step specific to the PT-MTL (Metal Etch) tool. It lists all the parameters and their limits to be used in recipe writing.

Process Step for Plasma-Therm Metal Etch System (pt-mtl) - Read More…

Recent Qual Results

This page contains the results from recent quals. Quals are run periodically, when a puzzling problem is reported or when major repairs have been performed on the tool.

Recent Qual Results - Read More…


This folder contains reports from EE412, various studies and interested labmembers.

Characterization - Read More…

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