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Quick Start for Stsetch

Quick starts are very condensed versions of the more detailed and verbose Operating Instructions. Users of the etcher are responsible for having read and understood the Operating Instructions.


Quick Start Instructions for Stsetch



·         Enable stsetch on BADGER.

·         Verify the system is vented.

·         Select and Verify the recipe.  Change process time if necessary.

·         Run a conditioning etch if desired.

·         Load and Process wafers.

·         Vent and unload wafers.

·         Fill out the paperwork and disable system on CORAL.



     Initial Condition:   System should be vented.


1.        Check to make sure that last user did not leave a wafer in the chamber.

2.        If it is not vented press VENT in the transfer window.

3.        System is vented when you can open the load lock lid.




Select and Verify Recipe

4.        Select desired recipe from the recipe directory (left hand side of screen).

5.        Press RECIPE button to review the recipe and change the etch time if needed.

6.        Use EXIT to safe any changes made to the recipe.


Run a Conditioning Etch

7.        Run a 10-15 min etch of the same recipe as you will be using for your wafers. 

8.        You will need to load a test or dummy wafer to do this.. 

9.        Some users may want to run a 20 min O2CLEAN recipe before conditioning to remove built up polymer in the chamber.




Load and Process Wafers

10.     Place wafer on the plate in the load lock with the flat in the 9:00 position.

11.      Push the LOAD button in the transfer window.

12.     Once the wafer has loaded push PROCESS in the Process Control ICP window

13.     Monitor parameters during the etch and fill out required in-process information on the Log Sheet.


Unload Wafers

14.     Once the etch has completed push UNLOAD in the transfer window.

15.     Once the wafer has unloaded push the VENT button.

16.     Once the system has vented remove the wafer and load another or go to standby.



Go to Standby and Disable


17.     Standby is simple on stsetch- leave the system vented.

18.     Make sure the Log Sheet is filled out.

19.     Disable Stsetch in BADGER.


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