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STS HRM Deep RIE Etcher, stsetch2 (semi-clean)

STS HRM Deep RIE Etcher, stsetch2

This is a Multiplex Pro ASE HRM Deep Reactive Ion etcher from Surface Technology Systems. The platform is single-chamber, manual loadlock system with a 2-wafer loading carousel. The etch process is based on the patented Laermer and Schlip process, commonly referred to as the Bosch Process. The etch process alternates between the passivating C4F8 plasma and the silicon etching SF6 plasma.

STS HRM Deep RIE Etcher, stsetch2 - Read More…

STS II Response Table

This response table can be used as a recipe optiminzation chart for labmembers wanting to change the parameters of standard recipes.

STS II Response Table - Read More…

Crystalbond Procedure

Crystalbond may be used in stsetch2 for through etching or the etching of delicate samples. It is an adhesive with good cooling properties and allows for the easy removal of samples from a carrier wafer.

Crystalbond Procedure - Read More…

STSetch2 etch profile

An example of high aspect ratio etch profile (thanks to Edwin Ng!)

STSetch2 etch profile - Read More…

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