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IntlVac Nanochrome I Evaporator, intlvac_evap, Automatic
This tool provides a combination of e-beam and thermal evaporation. The tool has a six-pocket hearth for e-beam evaporation and two boats for thermal evaporation. There is a separate crystal monitor for the e-beam evaporation and for the thermal evaporation sources. The e-beam controllers allow for automatic deposition (controlled ramps, pre-heat soaks, deposition rates and final thickness). A pattern generator controls the e-beam sweep patterns (e.g. in a circle or spiral). Oxygen and nitrogen are plumbed to the chamber for reactive deposition. There is also an ion beam source for pre-cleans and film modification during the deposition.
Innotec ES26C E-Beam Evaporator
This folder contains information about the Innotec including Operating Instructions and Reports.

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