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Innotec ES26C E-Beam Evaporator, innotec
Innotec is an E-beam metal evaporation system, capable of depositing either single or multiple metallic thin films. Evaporation is a directional process and hence very good for lift-off applications. Innotec allows precisely controlled film thickness for films up to 1μm in thickness. Innotec is classified as gold contaminated. Many sources are available for film deposition including (but not limited to): Au, Cu, Cr, Pt, Ag, and Si (full list in Innotec Process Capabilities). Precious metals (Au, Pd, Pt) thickness must be below 200nm if using SNF metals. In general, evaporated films have worse adhesion to the substrate than sputtered films.
IntlVac Nanochrome I Evaporator, intlvac_evap, Automatic
This tool provides a combination of e-beam and thermal evaporation. The tool has a six-pocket hearth for e-beam evaporation and two boats for thermal evaporation. There is a separate crystal monitor for the e-beam evaporation and for the thermal evaporation sources. The e-beam controllers allow for automatic deposition (controlled ramps, pre-heat soaks, deposition rates and final thickness). A pattern generator controls the e-beam sweep patterns (e.g. in a circle or spiral). Oxygen and nitrogen are plumbed to the chamber for reactive deposition. There is also an ion beam source for pre-cleans and film modification during the deposition.

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