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IntlVac Nanochrome I Sputter System, intlvac_sputter

1.1. The Intlvac_sputter tool is designed for DC, Dual-AC, and RF magnetron sputtering. All three magnetrons use 3" target materials. The front two magnetrons are used individually in DC mode or in dual-AC mode. Dual AC mode is used for increased deposition rates for metallic, but works especially well for reactively deposited films. The back gun is only for RF mode. Other capabilities include an ion source for pre-sputter cleaning and/or ion-beam assisted deposition, quartz lamps for heated depositions and DC wafer bias. In addition to Ar, O2 and N2 are plumbed to the chamber for reactive depositions.

Picture and Location


The tool is located at XXYY on the Lab Map.



Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard

The system is only to be used for clean or semi-clean depositions, no gold category processing is allowed.  If you have any questions regarding the use of the system, make sure to ask prior to loading your samples. 

Performance of the Tool

What the Tool CAN do

  • Sources provided by the SNF: Al, Al-1%Si, Al-2%Si, Al-1%Si-0.5%Cu, Co, Cr, Hf, Mo, Nb, Ni, Ni-7%V Pd, Pt, Si(B), Ta, Ti, TiW, V, W and Zr.
  • Reactive depositions of oxides and nitrides is possible for many of these materials.  
  • Pt deposition is allowed, but you must provide your own sputter target.


What the Tool CANNOT do

  • Item A.


Process Monitoring


Contact List and How to Become a User

Contact List

The following people make up the Tool Quality Circle:

  • Process Staff:
  • Maintenance: Jim Haydon
  • Super-Users:


Training to Become a Tool User

Training consists of three steps.  Step one is a review of your process requirements with the listed process staff.  This review is to make sure your requirements match the capability of the tool and to decide on the best approach to meeting your requirements.  The second step is a general training at the system to review the the system, it's configuration, software and to discuss the correct protocol while using the system.  The third step is have the staff present at check-out or your first run.  Once all three steps have successfully been completed, you will receive an individual log-in account on the system.

Operating Procedures



System Start-Up Report



Process Monitoring and Machine Qualification

Tool Qualification Run









Recommendation to users with critical processes


Machine Status States





Process Monitoring Results

Al-1%Si  400w dual AC  ~93A/min

Al-1%Si  500w dual AC  ~143A/min

Al-1%Si  900w dual AC  ~320A/min


External Alternatives

Below is a list of external vendors that lab members have used for metal deposition:
  1. UHV Sputtering - their "System 4" is semi-clean and can process 22 wafers per run.
  2. LGA films - has a semi-clean sputter tool with Al, Ti and W. Their Al-1% Si target is in a gold-contaminated sputter tool.
  3. Hionix

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