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Intlvac NanoChrome 1 Sputter

This folder contains information about the Intlvac sputtering system including Operating Instructions, Start-up Reports and other characterization reports.
IntlVac Nanochrome I Sputter System, intlvac_sputter
1.1. The Intlvac_sputter tool is designed for DC, Dual-AC, and RF magnetron sputtering. All three magnetrons use 3" target materials. The front two magnetrons are used individually in DC mode or in dual-AC mode. Dual AC mode is used for increased deposition rates for metallic, but works especially well for reactively deposited films. The back gun is only for RF mode. Other capabilities include an ion source for pre-sputter cleaning and/or ion-beam assisted deposition, quartz lamps for heated depositions and DC wafer bias. In addition to Ar, O2 and N2 are plumbed to the chamber for reactive depositions.
This folder contains reports for studies, EE412 project final reports and reports from interested Labmembers.

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