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Monthly Tool Monitoring

About the SNF tool performance monitoring system and the Stanford Undergraduate Monitoring Organization (SUMO).

Tool Qualification Tests and SUMO

Each month, tool qualification runs are performed on most tools in the SNF to monitor variations in each tool’s performance. Generally the tool qualification run, or "Qual", is a commonly performed process for that tool. The results of that process are then recorded and tracked over time to monitor tool performance.

  • Who: Quals are run by SUMO, the Stanford Undergraduate Monitoring Organization. SUMO consists of a small group of undergrads under the guidance of various staff members.
  • What: A "qual" is a monthly process run on a tool to monitor variations in the tool's performance over time. Qual data is reported to labmembers through Badger and the SNF wiki. For specific tool qual data, visit the tool's respective Badger comment log or SNF wiki page.
  • Why: The purpose of quals is to check the calibration of each tool and monitor how the etch rate, deposition rate, or so forth of each tool varies from month to month. Qual data is intended to provide labmembers with a better understanding of a tool's baseline performance and may be a helpful reference to labmembers using the tool.
  • When: Quals are run on a monthly basis for most tools in the SNF, excepting winter and summer academic breaks.

Specific qual processes and parameters vary for each tool and each individual tool wiki page goes more into depth about each corresponding qual process. All qual data will be uploaded to Badger and may include tool process rates or averages along with the SUMO member name, date, and process being run. Graphs charting the tool’s qual data over time may be found on each tool’s respective page. Additionally, labmembers may perform the specified qual process before tool use if more recent qual data is desired for reference.


Tool Status States

Tool status is indicated on Badger by the colored circle displayed next to each tool’s name. Tool status varies by tool, but the following parameters explain the general status:

Red:  The tool is not usable in any capacity. Requires maintenance.

Yellow:  The tool is partially usable, but not all processes may be up to standard (i.e. one of the hotpots on wbclean is not heating, but the other hotpot still functions).

Green:  The tool is in full working condition and all processes are up to standard.

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