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Raith Ebeam Lithography tool

State-of-the-Art High Resolution Low Voltage Electron Beam Lithography and Metrology tool. Suitable for the research and development of Nanolithographic structures for micro and nano-Electronic, MEMS, Photonic, Plasmonic, and Integrated Optical Devices. * Direct Write E-beam exposure for chips and wafers to 150 mm diameter. * Ultimate resolution specified to 20 nm guaranteed with sub-10 - 15 nm features possible. * Accurate Write Field to Write Field Stitching and Layer 1 to Layer 2 Overlay specified to <40 nm with sub-20 nm typical. (mean + 3sigma values) * Ultra high resolution, low voltage SEM inspection with Ultra-high efficiency SE detectors with both In-lens and normal SE detection mode. *Laser Interferometer Stage w/ 2 nm resolution integrated to an advanced sample navigation and metrology software package. *Operates between 0.3 and 30 keV with user selectable Apertures to control Beam Current. * 10 MHz ELPHY PLUS FE pattern generator. * NanoPECS Proximity Effect Correction Software. *Digital SEM imaging with 1 - 2 nm resolution at most acceleration voltages.

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