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Solidscape 3d Wax Printer

The Solidscape 3d Wax Printer is an extrusion printer capable of printing wax molds with 6 um precision and a minimum feature size of 200 um. Molds can be melted at 100 ºC. Typical printing times are 5 min/mm^3, not including calibration and cleaning steps at the beginning of each print (~1 hr). Using .stl files for 3d model input, the helper program 3ZWorks creates a .3zs job file which can be directly loaded into the printer via flashdrive.

Picture and Location


SolidWorks 3d Wax Printer

The tool is located in ExFab, across from the PDMS station.


 The 3d wax printer is ideal for "rapid" prototyping of disposable molds, especially for optics and microfluidics in PDMS. Print times are slow, but many can be completed overnight and achieve high resolution by 3d printing standards. The fabrication process consists of loading a CAD model, printing, removing prints from the build plate, and removing structural wax from around the prints. For most applications, the structure is used as a mold and is then melted after its use.

Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard

This tool is contaminated.

Performance of the Tool

What the Tool CAN do

  • Print molds with a minimum layer height and XY positioning of 6 um.
  • Print molds with a minimum feature size of 200 um.
  • Print molds with a surface roughness of 1 um.
  • Print molds with "overhanging" structures.


What the Tool CANNOT do

  • Print molds with a feature size of 6um.
  • Reliably print aspect ratios greater than 4 (including holes).


Contact List and How to Become a User

Contact List

The following people make up the Tool Quality Circle:

  • Process Staff: Carsen Kline <>, Swaroop <>, and Michelle Rincon <>
  • Maintenance: Carsen Kline
  • Super-Users: Jonah Kohen, Stephen Hamann


Training to Become a Tool User

 Shadow and get approval from a superuser for training.


Operating Procedures

 Please see the appendix of ENGR241_Final_Report-Rex_Fengjiao_Jonah2.docx for a more detailed description of this procedure.


Process Monitoring and Machine Qualification

Qual Process Overview


Recommendation to users with critical processes




Reported Data


Qualification Results

Machine Status States

Red: The tool is shutdown, likely due to an issue with the printhead or vacuum pump.

Yellow: A problem is reported for the tool. Read the problem description before using the tool. The tool is still available for use.

Green: No known issues are reported for the tool.


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