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Ultron Tape Mounter

Ultron Systems' Model UH114 Series tape mounter features an easily adjustable spring-loaded roller assembly, along with film tensioner bars along both the x- and y-axes to ensure bubble-free lamination of the film to the wafer and film frame. In addition, it features a retractable film cutting system with adjustable cutting pressure to accommodate various tape base materials and thicknesses. Roller pressure is adjusted from the topside of the units for different process requirements and to accommodate various wafer thicknesses. A digital temperature controller ensures consistent workstage temperatures for repeatable mounting. The workstage height is also adjustable relative to the frame height for different wafer thicknesses. The mounter accommodates wafers up to 6" capability. Using this Mounter, operator variables are virtually eliminated.

Ultron tape mounter

The Ultron Systems' Model UH114 Series tape mounter is located in room 159, part of Exfab.


Operation Procedure 

Coming soon.

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