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Wbexfab_solv, Wbexfab_solv-plug

This is information for use of Wbexfab_solv, Wbexfab_solv-plug and Headway 3.
Wbexfab_solv, Wbexfab_solv-plug
Wet Bench wbexfab_solv, wbexfab_plug is for wet chemical processing with solvents of standard and non-standard materials (flexible) like glass and standard/non-standard metals for pieces and wafers up to 6 inch. Headway 3 is for spinning resist or other materials (non-standard resists and materials need to be approved prior to spinning in Headway 3). The Equipment Group is determined by the cleanliness of the labware. This wetbench contains Headway3, two hot plates for post resist spin processing, one explosion proof hot plate, one ultrasonic bath and there is room for manual processing in beakers.
Wbflex_solv images
Images stored for Wbflex_solv
File Wbexfab_solv hot plate controller programming
Instructions for Wbexfab_solv hot plate controller programming

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