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ASML PAS 5500/60

* 5:1 reducing stepper * Maximum die width = 18 mm; Maximum die height = 22.6 mm (actual maximum die is slightly smaller) * I-line (365 nm) * alignment accuracy of 60 nm. * Typical resolution to 0.45 microns * 5" reticle masks, 90 to 120 mil thick.

ASML PAS 5500/60 - Read More…

ASML Community

Updates and policy changes collectively decided (spearheaded by staff, input from community) are saved here.

ASML Community - Read More…

ASML Litho Particle Summary

A summary of the particle counts at various points in the lithography process.

ASML Litho Particle Summary - Read More…

ASML: SNF Utility Mask & Combining Zero/First Layers

This process describes how to combine your zero and first layer exposures in ASML and when you should consider this process.

ASML: SNF Utility Mask & Combining Zero/First Layers - Read More…


This folder contains reports from studies, EE412 and interested Labmembers.

Characterization - Read More…

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