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Litho Toolbox

The rules for accessing the Lithography Toolbox are included here.

The Litho Toolbox is found in bin L108.

The rules for the Litho Toolbox are:

1) The 4-digit combination code changes on the first business day of each month.

2a) You may ask for the code by emailing all "owners" or by asking verbally from appropriate staff (SNF or ASML). Emails may not get response until business hours.

2b) If you receive the code verbally, you must alert all owners by email of this within 24 hours so your use can be documented.


Reasons you may lose the privilege of accessing the Litho Toolbox include:

1) You lost some of the inventory of the toolbox.

2) You did not register by email with the Litho Toolbox owners within 24 hours of receiving the code verbally.

3) You endangered the ASML tool in some way.


Litho Toolbox owners are:

mahnaz at snf dot stanford dot edu

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