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May 11, 2011 Community Meeting results

Updates to most major policies found here. Users are responsible for being aware of the latest ASML policies.

This meeting was from 1:30pm-3:30pm in AllenX Aud on May 11, 2011.

New policies or high priority old policies

  • Continue to inspect the backside of all wafers and use swab to clean photoresist and/or large particles.
  • ALL wafers must now go through the litho spin-rinse-dryer (SRD) to the left of headway before going into ASML.
  • Use the cassette with three black pin for ASML wafers going to SRD, the cassette is in a black box labeled  "ASML SRD ONLY".
  • If you do manual dispense, you MUST run edge-bead removal (EBR) of some sort. Options include backside-only EBR on svgcoat2, frontside+backside EBR on svgcoat2, and frontside+backside EBR on svgcoat1.
  • Discuss all significantly-stressed wafers with staff before use in ASML. 50 um bowing (measured by stresstest) across the wafer is generally the maximum allowed. Some wafers with less may be vetoed by staff and some wafers with more may be allowed by staff, depending on process specifics.


Old policies that remain

  • Use svgcoat2 over svgcoat1 if possible (e.g. it's not down) because svgcoat2 is cleaner (no manual resist is allowed in it & all wafers get backside EBR at a minimum).
  • Punishment policy is 1 month off the tool.
  • No negative resist in ASML without staff approval.
  • No SU-8 in ASML ever.
  • No enabling for another user (as per SNF-wide policy).
  • No backside scribing allowed in ASML.
  • No damaged wafers allowed in ASML. Permission for exceptions must be obtained on a case-by-case basis with staff.


Items being worked on or for review at a subsequent meeting

  • A 3-strikes punishment policy including either a user-done particle check or a user-done hotspot check. (Revisit)
  • Particle counts from SRD-only, oven-only, cassette-use-only, flatness table-only, and N2-gun-blown-only. (WIP)
  • Determine if hotspot test works on test wafers with 955 or 1um 3612. (WIP)
  • Put litho SRD on Coral. (Revisit)
  • Determine "expired" user requalification policy. (Revisit)

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