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Oven Bake & Cure Overview

Oven, google docs

Badger Name

 Equipment Name
 Temperature  Type  Function  Comment
 bluem  Blue M Programmable Oven
BlueM Oven
Programmable up to 430°C  Convection in N2  Cure  
 oven110  110°C Oven
Oven 110
 110°C  Convection in N2  Postbake
Matched to temp. of
 Developer tracks.

 oven90  90°C Oven
Oven 90
 90°C  Convection in N2  Prebake resist
Matched to temp. of
SVG coat tracks.

 (white-oven)  Mahnaz's white-oven
White Oven
Programmable to 200°C
   For LOL2000 bake
and any other bake
that can not go in the other
ovens and need higher temp.

 ovensinge  Singe Oven
Singe Oven
 150°C  Convection in N2  Singe  No Resist allowed!
 uvcure  Ultraviolet Photoresist Cure
 yes  YES Prime Oven
YES Oven small
 150°C HMDS Prime oven Singe and prime
 No Resist allowed!

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