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Singe Oven 150ºC

The Singe Oven dehydrates the wafers at 150ºC allowing better adhesion to resist.

Picture and Location

 Singe Oven

The tool is located at FG1 on the Lab Map.


Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard


The Singe Oven appears in all three equipment groups (clean, semiclean, and gold) as part of the litho & analytical tools set.

Performance of the Tool

Singe bake at 150ºC drives off moisture on the surface of the wafer prior to resist spinning.

Wafers just out of a furnace or a deposition system should be spun up within one hour. If they sit more than one hour, they need 30 minutes at 150°C to drive off moisture before coating them.


Wafers with resist, polymer, or any organic film are NOT allowed!


Contact List and How to Become a User

  1. "All Litho" is required before training on any of the lithography tools. Contact the trainers for the class schedule and training materials (which must be reviewed before the class).
  2. Read all material on the SNF website concerning this tool, including Background, Process Capabilities, Operating Procedures and Process Monitoring.
  3.  Contact SNF training contact on the Equipment Summary page.


Operating Procedures



Don’t change the temperature, it should be 150ºC.

The power stays on all the time, don't turn it off.

Check for maintenance signs. 

No reservation is necessary.


Use only the Teflon cassettes with one brown button! (Never use the plastic storage cassettes!)

There are 3“ and 4” Teflon cassettes in blue boxes on top of the wbmiscres.

Don't place the blue boxes in the oven.
  • Place the Teflon cassette in the oven and close the door.
Make sure the door is closed properly!
  • Leave wafers in the oven for 30 minutes, use your own timer, don't use the timer at the oven.
  • Remove the Teflon cassette using a heat resistant glove!
The Teflon cassette expands a little bit, it will not fit into the blue box right away. Place the cassette carefully in the box; the cassette will shrink within 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Close the oven door properly!

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