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YES Oven, yes

The YES prime oven dehydrates the wafers at 150ºC and primes the wafers using HMDS (Hexamethyldisilazane) allowing better coverage and adhesion between oxides and resists.

Picture and Location

 YES Oven small

This tool is located at F1 on the Lab Map.


Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard

The YES oven appears in all three equipment groups (clean, semiclean, and gold) as part of the litho & analytical tools


How to Become a User

  1. "All Litho" is required before training on any of the lithography tools. Contact the trainers for the class schedule and training materials (which must be reviewed before the class).
  2. Read all material on the SNF website concerning this tool,including Background, Process Capabilities, Operating Procedures and Process Monitoring.
  3.  View the YES oven movie.
  4.  Contact SNF training contact on the Equipment Summary page.


Operating Procedures

YES OVEN : HMDS (Hexamethyldisilazane) PRIME

The YES prime oven dehydrates the wafers at 150ºC and primes the wafers using HMDS allowing better coverage and adhesion between oxides and resists.

It replaces the use of the 150ºC singe oven and the HMDS step on the SVG track!

Wafers with resist, polymer, or any organic film are NOT allowed!

You can use the YES oven if the sign reads EMPTY and the display RESET.

Don’t change the temperature! It should be 150ºC! Don’t change the program!

Don’t make reservations, first come first serve.

Wafers should be very dry prior going into the oven!

Check the maintenance page for comments, problems, or shutdown.

Check HMDS liquid level, the HMDS tank is on the left side of the oven:

  • If less than three inches, report it and contact maintenance.
  • If less than two inches, shut it down and contact maintenance.


General Operating Procedure

  • Enable YES oven, light changes from red to green.
  • Use only the Teflon cassettes with the two brown buttons!
    There are two 4” cassettes in blue boxes, especially labeled for the Yes oven. For pieces use the Teflon dish. There are 3“ and 6“ cassettes available too, one each, in white boxes.
    NO boxes go into the oven!
  • Place the Teflon cassette in the oven and close the door.
    Make sure the door is closed properly!
  • Turn the sign around to read: IN USE
  • Press the START button.
    • The program runs for approximately 35 minutes.
    • If the pressure does not reach the set-point  (1 to 1.2 Torr) within the first 13 to 15 minutes, there will be an alarm at Step 6.
    • Press the RESET button to silence the alarm, shutdown the YES oven, and contact Maintenance.
    • The door will be automatically blocked, don’t attempt to open it.
  • After the YES oven has finished running the program, there will be the final alarm: press RESET
    The alarm will sound for five minutes if RESET is not pressed!
  • Open the door and carefully remove the Teflon cassette using a heat resistant glove!
  • The Teflon cassette expands a little bit, it will not fit into the blue box right away. Place the cassette carefully in the box; the cassette will shrink within 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Close the oven door properly!
  • Turn the sign around to read: EMPTY
  • Disable YES oven, light changes from green to red.


Don’t remove the Teflon cassettes from this station.

If you are going to use the SVG coater, bring a metal cassette to this station and transfer your wafers into the metal cassette.

If you plan to coat the wafers later, let the wafers cool down for 20 minutes before transferring them into a plastic storage cassette.


Problems & Emergencies

Report as problem:

  • broken wafer, particles
  • door seal comes off


Possible emergencies, shutdown:

  • pressure did not reach 1.2 Torr within 15 minutes (there will be an alarm)
  • something melted inside of oven (wafer box)
  • smell: HMDS, oil burning
  • unknown smell
  • N2 leak


YES Oven Process Programs

YES Oven Process Program ( Do not change the following program! )






Operation / Comments

Process Description



L =



Loop Statement- Loop 3 times

  Dehydration steps. The vacuum/nitrogen steps ensure that the chamber is free of oxygen and humidity. This provides an inert environment for vapor priming



M =



2 minutes of vacuum



M =



67 seconds of nitrogen



L >



Loop Statement- Loop back to step 02



M =



5 minutes of vacuum

  5 minutes of vacuum. This provides a stable vacuum environment and allows the HMDS to vaporize into the chamber and prime  the wafers



IF D >



Vacuum checkpoint- Did chamber reach setpoint?


Note: If the vacuum pressure does not reach the setpoint, there will be an alarm. Press the RESET button and call Maintenance!!! Do not try to open the door



L =



Loop Statement- Loop 300 times



S =



1 second pulse of HMDS valve



L >



Loop Statement- Loop back to step 8



L =



Loop Statememt- Loop 4 times

  These 4 vacuum/nitrogen cycles safely removes any residual HMDS vapors and by-products. The process chamber returns to a vented state which allows the door to open for substrate removal



M =



2 minutes of vacuum



M =



67 seconds of nitrogen



L >



Loop statement- Loop back to step 11



M =



End of program routine

  The end of cycle light and alarm are initiated. Press reset and remove work from chamber






 End of program routine- Initiate end of process alarms


 16  M =  01:00  02 03
 17  M =  01:07  01      
 18  M =  02:00  02      
 19  M =  01:07  01      
 20  GOTO  :00        
 21  S =  00:10  01      
 22  S =  00:10  00 01
 23  GOTO  21        

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