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SVG Coat Track 1 & 2 Training Checklist

List of skills necessary to be qualified on SVG Coat 1 & 2.

SVG Coat and Dev Training Checklist 

Each trainee should be able to demonstrate the following before using SVG coat or develop tracks without supervision. Please note the addition of Superuser tasks and qualifications at the end of the list.


  • Understand the basic function and purpose of the modules that make up the track; for example, prime station, cooling plate, etc.


  • Check waste container and be able to use chemical pump to empty if needed.


  • Check level status of the photoresist to be used. Demonstrate proper bottle replacement procedure including bottle transfer from service area, handling during change out.


  • Show how to remove dried resist from the dispense head.


  • Be able to choose correct coat, develop and bake program for specific resist film and review event steps for correctness using sheets provided at the tracks.


  • Demonstrate the ability to edit incorrect program.


  • Be able to bypass the prime and/or bake stations as needed.


  • Show cassette management.


  • Be aware of the use of dummy wafers.


  • Know when to use or not use EBR on the wafers.


  • Understand what to do during and alarm condition from either the track controller or the utility panel.


  • Recognize film flaws, over-exposure and under-development by visual inspection, microscope or by using the green light.



Superusers should also be able to demonstrate the ability to change developer as needed:


  • Understand the pressurized canister system and its parts; for example, N2 regulator, s/s locking nut.


  • Understand the refilling procedure, how to disconnect, fill and reconnect the system.

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