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About Equipment Training

Overview: To receive training on a specific tool, contact the Process staff listed for that tool. To determine which tools may best serve your needs, you can review the equipment-specific information or go to the Processes section which offers comparisons of process capabilities for most tools. You are also welcome to consult with one of our Technical Liaisons or any of the contacts listed for each tool.

In order to schedule training, you must be a labmember and have undergone intro/lab safety training before training on equipment. Certain tools may have additional pre-requisites or restrictions, as indicated. Training fees are fixed and charged in units of hours, which reflect the average time for a training session (actual time spent may vary). The current training rate is listed in the SNF Lab Fees page. To schedule training, contact the Process staff person responsible for the tool.

Prerequisites and notes for specific equipment:

"All Litho" is required before training on any of the lithography tools. Contact the trainers for the class schedule and training materials (which must be reviewed before the class). If no training hours are indicated, training for the tool is covered in the "All Litho" session. The training time charged is two hours and will appear as "general" in the training charge description.
You must be trained and qualified on wbclean-1-2 as a prerequisite.
Each drytek system is different and so requires a separate training session.
You must be trained on tylan1-4 as a prerequisite.

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