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Epilog Fusion M2 Laser -32" x 20" (812 x 508 mm) bed -Dual 50 Watt source (fiber and CO2) and camera option -Vector Cutting Table -CorelDraw software

Picture and Location

 Laser cutter

The Epilog Laser Cutter is located in Allen 155A (Venice).



Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard: Contaminated


Performance of the Tool

What the Tool CAN do

  • Engrave metal.
  • Cut wood, paper.
  • Cut plastic.
  • Cut silicon wafers,


What the Tool CANNOT do

  • Cut metal.
  • Cut Silicon Carbide


Contact List and How to Become a User

Contact List

The following people make up the Tool Quality Circle:

  • Process Staff: Ted Berg
  • Maintenance: Ted Berg
  • Super-Users: TBD


Training to Become a Tool User


Contact Ted Berg:


Operating Procedures (Short Version)



·      Log on Badger

·      Turn on filter (reading should be approx..235cfm)

·      Turn on air pump

·      Turn on off/on switch on laser cutter( wait for it to initialize)

·      Turn on computer PW is :cutter4321

·      Start Corel draw-any PW

·      Start Epilog job manager


·      Either draw your pattern or import file

·      Do Print command and go to preferences on job manager

·      Determine which laser you are going to use and set parameters

·      Put material in the cutter and focus with appropriate focusing jig


Process Monitoring and Machine Qualification



Machine Status States


Yellow: Check Badger for tool issue.


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