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Wet Bench wbflexcorr-1 and wbflexcorr-2

Wet Bench wbflexcorr-1 and -2

Wet Bench wbflexcorr-1 and -2 is for wet chemical (corrosives) processing of standard and non-standard materials (flexible) like glass with gold or non-standard metals for pieces and wafers up to 6 inch. Gallium Arsenide [GaAs] processing is allowed but only in personal labware. GaAs wafers are not allowed in any of the hot pots, room temperature bath, or dump rinser. The Equipment Group (clean, semiclean, gold, or GaAs) is determined by the cleanliness of the labware. This station contains one hot plate for heating acids or bases in beakers, separate drain for HF waste disposal, two 6 inch quartz-lined hot pots for acids or bases, one 4 inch quartz-lined hot pot for 90% sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide (piranha) clean, dump rinser, DI water sink, and there is room for manual processing in beakers.

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