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Wet Bench Flexcorr Checklist



Operators of this station must be able to demonstrate or describe the activities on this list:

Chemical safety knowledge:


    • Which chemicals may used at this bench.
    • Hazards of each chemical.
    • Where to obtain chemicals.
    • How to pour and mix the chemicals.
    • How to fill out the "In-use Hazardous Materials Sheet" ("blue card").
    • List the three methods for disposing of used chemicals.
    • Describe additional precautions required for disposing of heated chemicals.
    • Necessary protective gear for pouring chemicals or wafer processing.
    • How to deal with drips on the wet bench deck.
    • How to deal with a spill.
    • Point out the nearest safety shower and eye wash.
    • How to report spills, safety problems, mistakes, hazard violations to staff.

Contamination control knowledge:


    • Contamination level at this bench (i.e., what the acceptable materials are.)
    • Which cassettes may be used at this bench.
    • Glove cleanliness precautions.
    • Proper use of tweezers.

Process knowledge:


    • List the processes most commonly performed at this station and the chemicals used.
    • Which containers are compatible with commonly used etchants.
    • How to fill out the chemicals waste log sheet.

Equipment knowledge:


    • Identify each of the modules, their purpose, and where they drain.
    • How to enable each of the modules.
    • List the startup check procedures.

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