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Wet Bench Solvent

Wet Bench Solvent, wbflexsolv-1 and -2

The Solvent Wet Bench is used for manual solvent cleaning of silicon wafers, tweezers, glassware, or any other inert objects such as equipment parts. The bench is equipped with a carboy to collect solvent waste , two ultrasonic baths, one hot plate for heating solvents in beakers, and a N2 gun for drying.

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Lithography Solvent Bench, lithosolv

The lithosolv wet bench is used for handling solvents or other volatile organics such as photoresist. Processes performed here include mask and substrate cleaning and pouring resist into smaller containers for manual dispensing. Acids and bases (namely, developers) must never be handled here. Liquid waste is collected locally. A solid hazardous waste under the benchtop is used to collect cleanroom wipes, vinyl gloves, swabs, and other solid materials which may be contaminated with solvents and photoresist.

Lithography Solvent Bench, lithosolv - Read More…

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