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2014 PROM Requests

PROM Request forms and supporting materials and from 2014
20140204 H. Kim- Kateeva (EPR-174)
Request for use of MicroChem Epoxy Permanent Resist version 174. Status: Approved as documented. Any changes to use need review by committee.
20140221 T. English- Crystal Bond 509 in Xactix (XeFe2) Etcher
Request to use Crystal Bond 509 in Xactix (XeFe2) Etcher. Crystal Bond 509 is approved for lab use but not standard for Xactix. Status: Approved for use with gold contamined chuck.
20140221 K. Harris- Clean Processing of Aluminum post CMP
Clean contamination category processing of Aluminum post CMP. Requires Al compatible clean (standard decon procedure includes SC2 which etches Al). Status: Approved to use the standard metal clean for post CMP clean and CCP or HD CVD oxide tools in clean contamination state.
20140226 X. Bai- Encapsulated 1cm2 GaAs substrate annealing in RTA
Encapsulated 1cm2 GaAs substrate annealing in RTA. GaAs substrates are not allowed in RTA without approval. Status: Approved as documented. Any changes will require review by committee.
20140307 L. Zhu Poly-Si deposition on Mo/Si substrate in ThermcoPoly2 (LPCVD)
Deposition of poly-Si on Mo/Si substrate in ThermocoPoly2 requires approval to demonstrate low vapor pressure of Mo at process conditions. Status: Approved.
20140131 D. Lu- SrTiO3 processing in CPD
Inquiry into acceptability of SrTiO3 for processing in CPD (Gold level contmainated equipment). Status: Approved.
2014031714 W. Liu- Etching Polyacrylonitrile- lithium perchlorate membrane with Au mask
Request to use PAN-LiClO4 film in PT-OX. Concern is using Li compounds in the shared equipment. Status: Approved for documented runs. Additional runs or larger substrates will require review by PROM committee.
20140207 K. Todd- Mercury Cadmium Telluride on a Zinc Cadmium Telluride substrate in lithography
Request to use HgCdTe or ZnCdTe for e-beam lthography.
20140228 M. Hou- Li2CO3 ALD
Request to perform ALD of Li2O3 in Savannah. Requires new precursors and significant handling procedural changes to address safety issues. Status: Process approved as documented. Follow up documentation of equipment is required.
20140219 I. Narkeviciute- Ta sputter target for Metallica
Request to add a Ta sputter target to Metallica.
20140211 A. Benefante- Spin coat graphene onto substrates
Request to use Headway to spin coat graphene onto substrates inside of cleanroom. Status: Request approved for Laurell spinner in wafer saw room, denied for use in SNF.
20140205 P. Wei- Request for use of new Poly Imide (PI-2611 and VM-651) in SNF
Request to bring new chemicals into the lab for poly imide processing.
20140121 A. Ceballos- Process flow from PT-DSE (contaminated) to epi2 (clean)
Request to process wafers in violation of lab contamination requirements.
20140123 J. Kruger- SOD P507 for Ge(Sn) epi on Si
Request to bring in Filmtronics P507 Spin on Dopant

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