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20140228 M. Hou- Li2CO3 ALD

Request to perform ALD of Li2O3 in Savannah. Requires new precursors and significant handling procedural changes to address safety issues. Status: Process approved as documented. Follow up documentation of equipment is required.
File 20140228 M. Hou- Li2CO3 ALD
PROM request for Li2CO3 ALD in Savannah. Requires new precursors, equipment modification, and procedural changes to address safety.
LiOH (by product of reaction) MSDS
File Reference research paper for ALD of Li2CO3
Atomic Layer Deposition of LiOH and Li2CO3 Using Lithium t-butoxide as the Lithium Source. A.S. Cavanagh, Y. Leec B. Yoonc and S.M. George
File MSDS- CO2
MSDS for CO2
File MSDS- Lithium t-butoxide, 98%
MSDS for ALD precursor

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