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Index of PROM requests for 2015
Date Title Requester Description Status
VO2 CNT device process flow
Bohaichuk, S.
Process flow to introduce VO2 CNT devices in SNF.
Request approved.
New SrO ALD precursor
Achira, S.
Request to use new experimental BASF SrO ALD precursor in Fiji2.
Request approved.
Use of Toray DL1000C
Labmember Request to use DL-1000C color resist in SNF.
Request approved.  Please contact PROM Committee (snf-promcommittee at lists dot stanford dot edu) for more information
Use of unopened old wafers (circa 2009)
Chesavage, J.
Request to use old 1K ox wafers in gold contaminated toolset.
Request approved.
Etching of contaminated wafer pieces in Lampoly
Doshay, S.
Request to use Lampoly to etch straight profiles into contaminated wafer pieces.
Request approved with ICPMS contamination collection.
Toray Light Shielding Material for Lithography
Lee, Y.
Use of TABK-5000 and storage of chemical for 2 weeks.
Request approved.
Microchem PRL for Lithography
Lee, Y.
Use of Microchem PRL and storage of chemical for 2 weeks.
Request approved.
FFEM LCD Resist and Developer for Lithography
Lee, Y.
Use of SK6000 resist and CD-2060 developer and storage of chemicals for 2 weeks.
Request approved.
Modified Process on STS
Allen, B.
Use STS to generate Ni catalyst balls from thin film.
Request approved.  No equipment modifications will be allowed.
Use of SB-5000L
Labmember Request to use SB-5000L Color Resist in SNF.
Request approved.  Please contact PROM Committee (snf-promcommittee at lists dot stanford dot edu) for more information
CMP of PbS
Provine, J.
Request to use CMP to polish PbS film.
Request approved.
LixAlyOz ALD
Xie, J.
Request to make Lithium-Aluminum-Oxide in Savannah.
Request approved.  Savannah chamber will need to be sent for cleaning after processing.
ITO Sputtering Target in Metallica
Chakthranont, P.
Request to use ITO sputtering target in Metallica.
Request approved.  Recipes with O2 will require coordination of equipment modification with staff.
Exnodes PROM
Pavani, P.
Request to use cleanroom space to conduct demo of users' equipment.
Request approved.  Minimum 3 hours staff time will be charged.
Ferritin from Equine Spleen
Fardy, M.
Request to use Ferritin in SNF as a catalyst for CNT growth.
Request approved.  Wet processing before CNT furnace to be performed in nSiL lab outside of SNF.
HgCdTe/HgTe/HgCdTe quantum wells on GaAs substrate
Stanwyck, S.
Request to do low temp Al2O3 deposition on new materials in Savannah.  Pieces will be on carrier wafers.
Request approved.  Chamber to be coated with 200 cycles of Al2O3 at 200C after deposition.
Post wafer dicing pieces in lampoly
Zhang, K.
Request to take pieces post wafer dicing (gold) into lampoly (clean).
Request approved only when resist is present during dicing to prevent massive amounts of particles.
HSQ bonding in evbond
Doshay, S.
Bonding procedure developed with SNF staff to use HSQ in evbond.
Request approved.
Request to use CT-3000 Color Resist
Labmember Request to bring new color resist into SNF.
Request approved.  Please contact PROM Committee (snf-promcommittee at lists dot stanford dot edu) for more information
Backside Removal of SOI-on-LiNbO3 in PT-DSE
Witmer, J.
Process developed to remove backside silicon on PT-DSE.
Form submitted for archival purposes. 
Request to deposit 75nm of Al2O3 on Savannah
Deng, H.
Request to exceed 50nm limit for deposition on Savannah.
Requestor decided more cost effective process was to send out for deposition at LGA films.
Use of low-outgassing silicone glue in metal evaporation system
Zappe, S.
Request to use Master Bond MS921-LO to make shadow masks for intlvac-evap.
Request approved.
Use of CO on Fiji2
Torgersen, J.
Request to use CO gas bottle on Fiji2 for nucleation studies.
Request approved.
Request to use SR-5030L Color Photo Resist
Request to bring new color resist into SNF.
Request approved.  Please contact PROM Committee (snf-promcommittee at lists dot stanford dot edu) for more information
Request to enter material required for spin coating PVDF films in SNF.
Sadat, B.
Request to bring new materials into the SNF in order to spin coat PVDF films.
Request approved.
Hot wet etch for SiC
Radulaski, M.
Request to use hot HF:HNO3 solution to etch silicon carbide.
Request rejected due to safety concerns.
MasterBond UV15LV
Kruger, J.
Request to use MasterBond UV15LV in Laurell in wafer saw room.
Request approved.
Request to use Langatate material in the SNF
Essingmann, M.
Request to bring in new material (Langatate) and develop HSQ bonding procedure.
Request approved.
ALD on thermally reduced graphene oxide in Fiji2
Benfante, A.
Request to bring graphene oxide on diamond wafers into SNF for processing on Fiji2.
Request approved.
Request to spin Teflon on Headway
Simon, M.
Request to spin Teflon on Headway.
Request approved.
Nafion dispersion D1021 in SNF
Gross, P.
Request to bring Nafion D1021 into SNF to coat in Metallica and etch in Drytek2.  Nafion to be dipsersed outside of SNF.
Request approved.  Requestors will work with Usha to develop etch recipe.
 Hybrid nanocomposite synthesis with polyimides
Isaacson, S.
Request to bring new polyimide materials into the SNF.
Request approved.
3:1 Sulfuric and phosphoric acid heated to 200C
Chapin, C.
Request to run a Phos + Sulf process at 200C to evaluate III-V material etch rates.
Request approved.  Must be run with SNF staff supervision.
Processing of Thulium Doped Structures
Lee, L.
Request to use wafers with Thulium doping in litho, etch, and cleans.  Contamination evaluation plan documented.
Request approved.  VPD ICPMS results to be reviewed by the PROM Committee.
Request to deposit amorphous TiO2 on SrTiO3 and LiNbO3 substrates in Inlvac-spt
Gray, D.
Request to do new film development on Intlvac-spt using new substrates (SrTiO3 and LiNbO3)
Request approved. Purchase and use of dedicated wafer holder required.
Cyclotene XUS Replenishment
Labmember Request to bring in new bottle of Cyclotene XUS.
Request approved.  Please contact PROM Committee (snf-promcommittee at lists dot stanford dot edu) for more information
Use of Aquapel in SNF
Simon, M.
Request to use Aquapel in SNF.
Request approved.
Ge2Sb2Te6 Sputter Target for Metallica
Landreman, P.
Request for new GST target to be used on Metallica.
Request approved.
Use of AZ Siloxane Negative Tone Resist
Gupta, A.
Request to use AZ Siloxane S06.106 negative tone resist.
Request approved.  Bottle inventory for the group will be managed to 7 bottles.
Al2O3 ALD on TMD in MVD Savannah
Mleczko, M.
Request to do Al2O3 capping of exoliated TMD structures in an inert environment.
Request approved.
OSCoR SL Stripper 200
Hanna, M.
Request to use Stripper 200 and supporting chemicals in order to enable processing on organic electronic materials.
Request approved.
Lampoly HBr/Cl2/O2 etching of silicon on lithium niobate
Hill, J
Request to etch Si on lithium niobate substrate.  Contamination plan documented.  
Request approved.  Data to be reviewed by PROM committee.
Use of AZ 125nxt photoresist 
Xu, H.
Request to use AZ 125nxt resist in headway, karl suss, and SVG dev.
Request approved.
AZ1518 Photoresist and AZ300MIF Developer in SNF
Simon, M.
Request to bring new AZ1518 resist and corresponding AZ300MIF developer.
Request approved.
Wafers from outside fab to process in SNF clean tools
Todd, K.
Data submission as per SNF contamination policy.
Request approved.
Process flow for etching Silicon Germanium on contaminated wafers with aluminum in LAMpoly (clean)
Harrison, K.
Request to modify contamination policy and allow contaminated wafers on clean etcher.
Request approved for data collection.  Data will be reviewed by PROM committee.
HF wet etch to peel off PMMA film embedding graphene composites
Holm, A.
Request to use wb-flexcorr to undercut and remove film with encpsulated graphene oxide particles.
Request approved.
PbS in Fiji3
Winterkorn, M.
Request to use Fiji3 for processing of PbS films on carrier wafer.
Request approved.  As long as carrier wafer is used, processing on Fiji3 permitted even after Fiji2 is up.
Ultrasol 201A CMP Slurry
Park, W.
Request to use new slurry for Al CMP in SNF.
Request approved.  Slurry storage will not be in CMP room.
Al2O3 ALD on K(Co)-doped BaFe2As2 Kratz, P.
Request to introduce new materials into SNF.
Request approved for Fiji2 at temperatures below 180C.
Ladder Polymers and Solvent
Katz, J.
Request to pattern and etch polymer film inside the SNF.  Polymer deposition and solvent usage to be performed OUTSIDE the SNF.
Request approved.  Dedicated glassware required.
2/13/2015 SiO2 films on Si wafers soaked in IPA solvent
Leschkies, K.
Request to bring wet samples soaked in IPA into the SNF.
Request approved.  
2/13/2015 Annealing Thulium doped samples
Lee, L.
Request to anneal Thulium doped samples in tylan 9 and aw150-r.
Request approved.  Oxidation cycle required after anneal in furnace.
2/07/2015 Lampoly HBr/Cl2/O2 etching of silicon on lithium niobiate
Hill, J.
Request to introduce lithium niobiate substrate into SNF etchers.
Pending contamination study documentation.
Contamination Study of Semi-Clean SiGe in LAMpoly
Harrison, K.
Request to perform contamination study of Semi-Clean SiGe in LAMpoly.
Approved for study. Resubmission is required after data is collected.
Update 2/18/15: TiN layer deposition at Berkeley is approved due to extended Fiji1 downtime.
Update 3/31/15: Contamination data appended.  Process flow is approved.
 Use of toluene at Headway
Katz, J.
Request to use toluene in SNF.
Approved.  Even though there will be no chemical storage in the SNF, chemicals must be logged and a yellow sticker placed on the bottle while in use in the SNF.  
1/07/2015 Initial Characterization of Cyclotene XUS 35077.00 Type 02 Resin
Request to use Cyclotene XUS Resin in SNF.
Approved.  Until refrigerator is available in the cleanroom, temporary storage offered in refrigerator in chemical store room.
Please contact PROM Committee (snf-promcommittee at lists dot stanford dot edu) for more information

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