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Community Service Projects

Labmembers are invited to propose and participate in Community Service, which supports projects of general benefit to the Lab community.
About Community Service
Polysilicon characterization
The objective is to characterize poly film properties as a function of deposition and anneal conditions. For more information about this project, contact labmember maryamzm.
EE410 Redesign
The objective is to "modernize" the classic EE410 layout and process flow. For more information about this project, contact Mary Tang.
Cleanliness & Contamination
This broadly-defined program encompasses any experimental work which may be required, proposed or performed to validate changes to the current cleanliness and contamination rules at SNF. For more information, contact any members of the C&C working group.
PEB Characterization
Qualification of the Fusion system for post-expose bake of ASML-exposed wafers. For more info, contact Mahnaz or labmembers sbasumal and iwjung.
drytek4 Characterization
Etch rate characterization of STS PECVD films.
STSetch2 Characterizations
This project covers etch baseline and development characterization of the STSetch2 system.
ALD HfO2 characterization for RRAM
RRAM electrical characterization of HfO2 films in Fijis and Savannah
MVD- Polyimide Development
Recipe development and equipment troubleshooting to create MVD recipe for polyimide films
Carbon Nanotube Furnace- Recipe development and characterization
MOCVD process development and sample characterization

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