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drytek4 Characterization

Etch rate characterization of STS PECVD films.

The experiment would investigate the influence of SF6 and F116 flows on etch rates of PECVD oxide and nitride. Pressure would be held at 200 mTorr and power at 90W. The SF6 flow would be varied from 60 sccm to 90 sccm in 10 sccm increments. The F116 would be varied from 35 to 40 in 5 sccm increments.  Each etch would last 5 min and would be preceeded and followed by the film mapping using Woollam. The data from the Woollam would provide the areas of maximum/minimum etch rates as well as the average. The selectivities of etch between the film and photoresist would be established by subjecting a wafer coated with photoresist to the etch under the same conditions. The information would be shared on the SNF Wiki. Graphs with etch rates vs. flows would be produced as well as selectivities vs. flows. 

STS PECVD would be used to deposit oxide and nitride on several wafers and their stress would be recorded and shared on the SNF Wiki.

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