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Final Presentations

File Ink preparation and inkjet printing of eutectic gallium indium nanodroplets
Final Presentation prepared by Eric Wu.
File Si and Glass Flip Chip Bonding with Solder Paste and Laser Cut Tape Stencils
Final Presentation prepared by Mimi Yang and Karen Dowling.
File Optimizing the Electrical Stability of Platinum Films Deposited in Lesker - Sputter
Final presentation prepared by Kirsten Kaplan, Karen Kim, and Martin Winterkorn
File Controlled metal Deposition on Flexible Polyethylene Substrates by Sputtering for CO2 Reduction
Final presentation prepared by Jun Li.
File Development and characterization of wax molds for 3D microfluidic applications
Final Presentation prepared by Rex Garland, Jonah Kohen, and Fengjiao Lyu
File Sapphire flip-­chip thermocompression and eutectic bonding for dielectric laser accelerator
Final Presentation prepared by Huiyang Deng and Yu Miao
File Development of thermocompression and eutectic bond processes for pre-patterned substrates using the Finetech Lambda
Final presentation prepared by KiWook Jung and Heungdong Kwon.

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