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Process Modules

Process modules to help labmembers in the understanding of basic processing and creation of process flow and runsheets


This folder contains process modules related to photolithography such as Lift Off procedures, SU8 procedures, how to work with Polyimide, information about Standard Resists offered at SNF.

Photolithography - Read More…


This folder contains etch modules for wet and dry etching of various materials in SNF.

Etching - Read More…

Oxidation Furnaces- grown oxides

This folder contains processes and procedures relating to oxidation furnaces, tylan1-6 and thermco1 and 2. They include clean, semi-clean and contaminated furnaces.

Oxidation Furnaces- grown oxides - Read More…

Cleaning and Stripping of Substrates, Labware and Tweezers

This folder contains cleaning and photoresist stripping procedures for varied substrate materials and labware. Tweezer cleaning is included.

Cleaning and Stripping of Substrates, Labware and Tweezers - Read More…

EE410 Device

This device is an abbreviated MOS structure run every year in the EE410 class. Though not really a "baseline" process for the lab, the process/mask set routinely produces functional devices that many researchers use as a starting point for their experiments.

EE410 Device - Read More…

Ebeam Resists

Processing procedures for Ebeam resists.

Ebeam Resists - Read More…

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