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Cleaning and Stripping of Substrates, Labware and Tweezers

This folder contains cleaning and photoresist stripping procedures for varied substrate materials and labware. Tweezer cleaning is included.

Diffusion Cleaning at SNF

This folder contains the diffusion cleans for all substrates before oxidation, LPCVD deposition or metal deposition.

Diffusion Cleaning at SNF - Read More…

Photoresist Stripping

This folder contains modules about resist stripping at SNF.

Photoresist Stripping - Read More…

Tweezers Cleaning

This module describes tweezers cleaning for plastic and metal tweezers used for handling wafers. The cleaning of tweezers is important in the control of contamination throughout the lab.

Tweezers Cleaning - Read More…

Cleaning of Labware

Cleaning and decontamination procedure for new or dedicated labware.

Cleaning of Labware - Read More…

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