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Diffusion Cleaning at SNF

This folder contains the diffusion cleans for all substrates before oxidation, LPCVD deposition or metal deposition.
Pre-Diffusion Clean for LPCVD or Metal Deposition of Standard Metal Wafers (semi-clean)
This module covers the cleaning of wafers with standard metals for LPCVD (such as LTO) or metal deposition. This module assumes that the wafers do not have resist on them. For resist stripping please look at the section Photoresist Stripping.
Pre-diffusion Clean for Oxidation (SC1/HF dip/SC2) of Non-Metal Wafers (clean) at the wbclean
Pre-metal or Pre-LPCVD Clean (SC1/SC2/HF dip) of Non-Metal Wafers (clean) at the wbclean

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