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Resist Strip for Non-Standard Metal Materials, dry/wet (contaminated)

This module contains information about stripping resist using plasma ashing and wet chemicals for contaminated wafers.

Purpose:  This module may also be used to strip polymer and resist off the surface of the wafer after plasma etching where the chemistry produces polymer.  Heavy implant damaged resist may be removed by this process.

Equipment: matrix

Time of Execution:  approximately 7 minutes per wafer

Step 1 Summary:

time = 4 minutes/wafer (maximum programmable time is 4:59)


Followed by:

Equipment; wbflexcorr-3and-4 or wbflexcorr-1 and-2

Time of execution: approximately 40 minutes

Step 2 Summary:

time = 20:00 minutes

temperature = 40°C

chemical = SRS-100 (samples must be dry before going into this chemical) (note, SRS-100 etches copper)

overflow rinse

N2 dry


NOTE: Use your own designated glass etch beaker to prevent contaminating your wafers. If your wafers are already contaminated you may use the beakers and holders at the wbflexcorr-3and-4 (most of them are contaminated). Once you use a contaminated beaker -- your wafers must be considered contaminated and are restricted as to what equipment they may use. 


Repeat Matrix step and SRS-100 Strip if necessary.

Detailed Procedure:  Please refer to the operating instructions for matrix and wbflexcorr-3and-4 or wbflexcorr-1and-2.

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