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Resist Strip for Nonmetal Wafers- wet (clean)

This process module describes resist stripping using wet chemistry for wafers that have never had metal layers.


Purpose:  Use of piranha (90% sulfuric acid and 10% hydrogen peroxide) to remove standard resist layers, i.e., 3612, 955 or PMMA, from clean category samples after wet etching, non-polymer forming dry etching and re-working of lithography layers.

Equipment;  wbclean_res-piranha (former wbnonmetal)

Time of execution: approximately 40 minutes

 Step Summary:

time = 20:00 minutes

temperature = 120°C

chemical = 9:1 H2SO4:H2O2

dump rinse

spin dry


Detailed Procedure:  please see operating instructions for wbclean_res-piranha


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