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Resist Strip for Standard Metal Wafers- wet (semi-clean)

This process module describes resist stripping using wet chemistry for wafers that have had metal thin films deposited on them or have had metal films removed from them.


Purpose:  This module covers samples that have the standard semi-clean metals present (Al, Al/Si, Ti, W, TiW from the Inltvac sputter system) or have had those same metal stripped off the surface of the samples.  It does not cover samples etched in polymer producing chemistries, like program CH A. METAL of the p5000etch tool or any Si etch done in the STS etchers.  See Resist Strip After Polymer Producing Dry Etches.

Piranha cannot be used to strip resist off of wafers that have layers of most metals, it will strip the metal off. 
A solution called SRS-100 is used to strip off the resist. Caution: it will etch metal if water gets added to it.


Equipment:  wbmetal

Time of execution: approximately 40 minutes

Step Summary:

time = 20:00 minutes

temperature = 60°C

chemical = SRS-100

dump rinse

spin dry

Detailed Procedure:  please see operating instructions for wbmetal

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